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Clean, beautiful makeup with signature glowing skin

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  • Hair

    1. Dry Styling (Curling or Straightening)

  • Makeup

    1. Basic Makeup

    2. Wedding Day (Bride)

    3. Wedding Day (Bridal Party)

    4. Wedding Trial

    5. Tutorial

    6. Lashesadd-on

    7. Airbrushingadd-on

  • About Kasha

    Trained under the careful eye of makeup industry experts.
  • Beauty Philosophy

    I love to enhance a person's best features, so she/he still feels like herself/himself (just a bit improved).
  • Tips & Tricks

    Good moisturizer is the key to beautiful makeup.
  • Favorite Products

    My favorite products include: Mario Bodescue Rose Water

Kasha's Reviews

  • R

    Rebecca K.


    Kasha did an amazing job with my hair and makeup for a stage performance! She was very friendly and we had a good time while she was working. I looked incredible and got a million compliments! I highly recommend booking Kasha for any type of event! She is super talented and has perfect instincts for personalized styles.

  • N

    Nicole N.


    Kasha was absolutely wonderful. She was friendly and easy to talk to, listened to what I wanted, and then executed her own/better version of it. I was extremely happy with the entire experience!

  • M

    Mary H.


    Kasha was a pleasure to work with and did a great job on my makeup for a work holiday party. She is really talented, nice and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her!

  • A

    Alli S.


    Kasha was PHENOMENAL!! She nails the “no makeup makeup” look, and made me look and feel beautiful without being overly “done”. Aside from her creative eye and passion for her work, she’s an absolute sweetheart and was a pleasure to have in the house. I’m excited to find future reasons to hire her!

  • J

    Julia K.


    Great experience!

  • K

    Katie K.


    Kasha did an amazing job! She arrived ahead of schedule on a rainy, stormy night. Listened to what I wanted and gave me exactly what I asked for. I would not hesitate to utilize Kasha again for a glam look.

  • G

    Gianna D.


    Kasha is awesome! She was prompt, friendly, and so easy to work with! Our makeup and hair turned out beautifully!

  • R

    Rachel M.


    Kasha has the perfect combination of a calm demeanor and a ton of creativity. She was fifteen minutes early. Love that! Saw my dress and played it up with a beautiful makeup and hair look. She brought out the best of the style, and I got compliments all night long!

  • R

    Rachel M.


    Kasha has such a calm demeanor and a creative hand. It's the perfect combination to ensure a beautiful evening!

  • S

    Sharon F.


    Kasha did an amazing job and gave me exactly what I was looking for. She was so nice and fun and I can't wait for the next opportunity to book her.

  • K

    Kristen W.


    Kasha made me look awesome for my bridal shower. She was professional and lovely.

  • C

    Chantal F.


    Sublime on every level! From professionalism to warmth to results, Kasha was my fairy godmother of beauty. "You look stunning!" people told me at the charity event thanks to Kasha's magic. Will definitely book again.

  • R

    Rachel M.


    Kasha was outstanding start to finish! She arrived early, setup and was eager to please. I didn't have any specific ideas but showed her what I was wearing for the evening. She was creative, responsive and executed beautifully. I expected a very simply updo based on the fact that makeup seemed to be her "first" trade but she far exceeded my expectation. Her hair work was intricate and stayed up all night. As for makeup, she did a flawless job with my skin and then a little smokey eye and a pop of lip. I have never photographed better. I would highly recommend Kasha!

  • J

    Jennie G.


    Kasha was wonderful! She did an amazing job with my hair and makeup, but was also just a lot of fun to be with. Thanks, Kasha!

  • K

    Kristen W.


    Kasha was so fun and knew exactly what I wanted. I will most definitely hire her again.

  • S

    Shelbi B.


    I loved working with Kasha! I had a photo shoot scheduled for my life coaching website. Kasha showed up on time and was incredibly friendly. Her positive attitude and sweetness put me completely at ease. I am not accustomed to wearing much makeup, but she reassured me that I the photos would call for the kind of makeup she was doing. She was right, the photos turned out great! The makeup looked completely natural and flawless. The choices she made for my hair were also wonderful. I feel like she completely understood what I wanted for the shoot and delivered. I will work with her again anytime I need hair and makeup.

  • R

    Rosey B.


    Kasha was great and did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. Everyone loved it.

  • R

    Rachel H.


    She did a great job. My bridesmaids looked very pretty and I loved that they didn't look like they were wearing a ton of make-up.

  • E

    Emily B.


    Kasha was great! Came a few minutes early, very thorough and asked a lot of questions and delivered a great result! Looking forward to working with her on my wedding day!

  • K

    Katie G.


    Kasha was quick, friendly and did a fabulous job.

  • S

    Saima S.


    Kasha was fantastic, as always!!

  • A

    Alex B.


    Kasha was great! She was punctual, patient, and delivered exactly what we asked for.

  • P

    Peggy K.


    Kasha was amazing!! She was able to do my makeup very early in the morning and at the last minute. I gave her a general look that I wanted and she made me feel very beautiful. I would highly recommend her!!

  • S

    Saima S.


    I had another great appointment with Kasha!

  • S

    Saima S.


    Kasha was great! She came a little early to set up. Her work on my hair & makeup exceeded my expectations. I've scheduled another appointment with her!

  • J

    Jessica Z.


    LOVED Kasha! She took my thoughts and applied them exactly how I wanted to look but better! She is also so super sweet and great to work with. I will definitely use her again!

  • R

    Rachel Y.


    I needed an updo appointment at 6AM on a Sunday and Kasha was just perfect. She is really professional and arrived 10 minutes early. I showed her a picture of an updo I wanted and she was able to put it together perfectly, all while keeping my time crunch in mind. She was in and out in 30-40 minutes and was incredibly friendly the whole time (hard to be so cheerful at 6AM on a Sunday...). She was also on PayPal and was ok with a PayPal'd tip! I will be requesting another hair appointment with Kasha for my actual wedding (as well as the next round of photos...). Bonus: my hair was pinned so well it stayed up the entire day! Thanks, Kasha and THANK YOU thestylisted! I'll have to try her makeup services next (that's her specialty and she herself is gorgeous)