Dhurata Gjonbalaj

Dhurata Gjonbalaj

New York


Versatile artist specializing in natural makeup and glamour

Dhurata is not accepting new appointments at this time.
  • About Dhurata

    I’m a certified, professional makeup artist with over 8 years of experience. I’m also an experienced hairstylist.
  • Beauty Philosophy

    Don’t hide your natural beauty - just enhance it!
  • Tips & Tricks

    Always apply concealer after foundation. Your foundation will cover most of the imperfections and you won't need to use as much concealer. Apply mascara using a fan brush instead of the wand to avoid getting the product on your lid. When applying false lashes, apply the eyeliner before the lashes so that you know where to place the lashes correctly.
  • Favorite Products

    Too many to list as all brands have at least one great product!

Dhurata's Reviews

  • N

    Natalie V.


    I have never looked or felt prettier. I loved my hair and makeup and it all was perfect!

  • R

    Ronit E.


    Great work. Pleasure to have her work with.

  • C

    Christine Y.


    I scheduled wedding-day hair and makeup appointment with Dhurata after an excellent experience with her the day prior. Like my previous appointment with her, she was timely and professional. Before the appointment, she also was proactive in seeking out my "vision" for the hair by asking me to send sample photos. Throughout the hair and makeup process, she was a delight to interact with. I don't usually wear a lot of makeup at all and I loved the final look- it managed to be both glam and natural at the same time.

  • C

    Christine Y.


    I scheduled an early morning hair and makeup appointment with Dhurata. She was punctual and extremely professional. I appreciated how she sought my opinions throughout the process, as well as providing advice when I wasn't sure exactly *what* I wanted. She was very approachable and knowledgeable about her craft. I was very pleased with the final result- and to my delight, both hair and makeup held throughout the day and until the end of my rehearsal dinner later that evening! Based on the results of that appointment, I immediately re-requested her again for my wedding day hair and makeup for the following afternoon.

  • S

    Serena G.


    Very pleased with hair and makeup. She was a lovely lady also

  • J

    Jeanne S.


    Professional with beautiful, precise application style. She made all the non makeup wearing women in my life so incredibly beautiful and natural and glowing for my bridal party. As someone who wears a lot of makeup and a product junkie, I am hard to impress but she made me look amazing. I had a guest comment on how at 2 am my face still looked perfect. She is flexible and really listens, and strives to realize the vision you have for yourself.

  • K

    Kelsey T.


    Dhurata did last minute hair and makeup for me before my civil ceremony and I am so glad I hired her. I felt beautiful and my makeup Iooked so natural and stayed put the whole day. I hadn't had my makeup done professionally before, so it took me a little to get used to it, but I ended up loving it. She was punctual and professional, and I'd absolutely hire her again if I ever get the chance.

  • D

    Deborah B.


    great job!

  • J

    Jordana F.


    Dhurata is really nice and friendly. She came early and made nice conversation. However, my hair curls pretty easily, and while I thought she had done a nice job with my blowout when I took a first look from the front, once she left I realized that my hair looked as if I had done it myself in the back. The blowout looked awkward and messy and did not stay even with hairspray. It wasn't terrible, but definitely just fine and not like other professional blowouts I've gotten before. I didn't get the sense that she knew exactly what she was doing, though she did tell me that makeup was her specialty.

  • A

    Andrea D.


    Dhurata did such a great job on my hair and makeup for a black tie event! She was extremely responsive to my requests (and made changes when my husband came in and had opinions!), and was very patient. I had a great experience!

  • J

    Jacqueline T.


    She was excellent! She was on time and prepared and very professional. She listened to what I wanted and executed it perfectly. I would definitely use her again in the future!

  • R

    Renee D.


    Dhurata was a joy to work with. She's tentative and thoughtful. She made some great suggestions based on my initial brief and I was delighted with the result.

  • N

    Nicole W.


    Dhurata was fantastic! She’s a good listener who really delivers. I had two appointments with her. The first was a trial and the second was for my wedding. I’d gotten my makeup done by professionals before and was never happy with the results. I understand that you need to wear more foundation than you typically would when you’re taking photographs, but it was so aging in person. Dhurata managed to make me look great both in the photographs and in person. It wasn’t just a light hand; there was some real artistry there. She added some real “umph” that I could never have done on my own. She is also a very sweet person. Thanks so much Dhurata!

  • M

    Margaret W.


    Dhurata was just wonderful. Friendly and professional. She did an amazing job with my faux bob and makeup for my event. I was complimented all night long. Yay Dhurata!

  • A

    Anna D.


    Dhurata exceeded our expectations! She showed up a few minutes early that our scheduled appointment which was great. Was able to cover my mother's extensive sunspots and made us all look beautiful for the wedding. Make-up lasted all through the day and through the dancing! Would highly recommend her.

  • A

    Audrey S.


    This review is way over-due. Dhurata did an excellent job for my formal event. I showed her a picture of a 1920s glam look I was going for and she was able to get the perfect look for me.

  • C

    Christie E.


    Dhurata arrived early, was super friendly, easygoing and fun, & she did a fantastic job glamming me up for my Halloween party! I would book her again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.